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China's economy is booming and worldwide logistics giants are focusing on this market.With the support of our fully owned logistics facilities,we can make your china business more successful.Woring with VMS,you will enjoy our advantage of...


 One system in China

China is a country with vast land and at least 15 major sea ports along the coast. Many overseas forwarding companies faces problems on choosing agent in China. They have to work with several agents in China and face different system and culture . Choosing VMS services,you can successfully avoid such embarrassment as VMS can cover whole China with their 30 wholly owned offices in China

One accounting centre in China

When you are working with several agents in China, you have to face the problem at every Month end when settle account with your agents. You must settle the outstanding balance with each agent respectively. It’s really waste your time and sometimes increases you cost if the amount is not big. VMS Group has an accounting center in Head office and the outstanding balance with all VMS Offices can be settled by this center just with one transfer.

One team to communicate

The other problems for overseas forwarders to start business in China is that they don’t know which agent or which of their offices they should communicate with. Sometimes they lose business due to send messages to the wrong offices. VMS Group has a dedicated overseas team, you need only send your messages to the key staffs in overseas team,they will help you to transfer your message to the right offices which will handle your business. You needn’t contact all VMS offices one by one.

One customer service center

In order to provide excent service to your china customer,we launched a call center for all your domestic suppliers. By dialing the toll free line 400-705-1995,they can reach us 24 hours a day!

Give VMS a try and you will see what the difference is!

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