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If you are an int'l freight forwarder & nvocc

If you have regular account require you a service to/from chinese ports and you don't have an existing agents in China. You can try our service and trust we won't let you down! Our advantage is that our own office network can cover all china main ports and cities and have a overseas team to monitor all your communications. This really saves your time! On the other hand ,we use one accounting center to settle account with you,one transper/month can settle all your business of China. This really saves your money !

Last not least,we can get competitive rates both on sea freight and air freight from main carriers due to the big volum we handled every year. Just for your information,we handled over 100,000.00Teus for ocean export in 2009.

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If you are an manufacture/supplier

If you have regular customer in China who purchase from you regularly and ask you to guarantee their processing line running daily with the minimum inventory, that means you must dispatch materials for them at short intervals.

So we highly suggest you to use our VMI warehousing service, this will shorten your distance with your customer in China. In all chinese main industry zone, we operate our VMI warehousing facilities. You can put your cargo in our VMI warehouse in bonded zone. So you no need to pay any customs duties and VAT first. When your customer orders from you,what you need to do is just sending us a instruction and we will deliver the materials to the manufacturer within short time( 24 hours).



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