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Import and export cargo packing procedures and doc

First, the import and export freight program

1. Booking

The shipper or the shipper of goods contracts or letters of credit under the terms of trade provisions in some time before the shipment of goods, fill in booking one-way shipping company or its agent, or other transport operators to apply for booking.

2. Consignments accepted applications

Shipping company or its agent, or other transport operators in deciding whether to accept the shipper's shipment applications should first consider their routes, ports, shipping, transportation, etc. can meet the requirements of the shipper. Checked at the receiving application, should be undertaken to prepare booking list, and then transmitted to the container terminal yard, container freight stations, empty container and, according to the arrangements for cargo

3. Distribution of empty containers

Usually, the empty container freight from the shipper to collect the container terminal yard, empty containers shipped by LCL container freight station responsible for the collection.

4. LCL Packing

FCL shipper of goods will pay less than a container freight station, freight station from the list according to booking information, check the packing station receipts.

5. FCL cargo transfer

By the consignor are responsible for packing and add freight FCL Customs seals to the container terminal yard, the terminal yard under the booking list, check station receipt and acceptance of goods, packing list.

6. Container transfer visa

Acceptance of goods in the container terminal and container yard, the present station is to sign a receipt and a receipt signed by the station returned to the consignor, whereby in exchange for bills of lading.

7. In exchange for bills of lading

Signed by the consignor station receipts, the person responsible for container transportation in exchange for bills of lading or their agents, and then go to the bank settlement.

8. Shipment

Container terminal to be installed under the container situation, formulate a loading plan, to be on board the ship * mooring line after.

9. Maritime transport

Sea carrier container shipment responsibility of the safe transport, keep, care for the responsibility, and according to the bill of lading terms of division and owner of the container between the responsibilities, rights and obligations.

10. Unloading

Container loading the carrier, according to the relevant shipping documents sent agents work out discharge plans, to be moored ship * after unloading.

11. FCL Delivery

Such as inland transportation arranged by the consignee himself, the container terminal yard will be based on bills of lading issued by the consignee for the consignee container.

12. LCL delivery

Cargo Container dig boxes, according to the bill of lading issued by the consignee to deliver the goods the consignee.

13. Empty containers to be returned

Cargo Container consignees and after the dig box, empty containers should be promptly transported back to the container terminal yard.

Second, the main import and export shipping documents

1. Booking

Booking agent of the carrier or shipper or cargo at the shipper to accept the booking, in accordance with the consignor's oral or written application to the case of consignment of goods to arrange for container cargo, according to the formulation of the document. Once the carrier confirmation of the document, then as a commitment to shore up two bookings in the certificate.

2. Packing List

Container packing list is documented containers and goods, quantity, etc. of documents, each cargo container to be produced this document, which is the goods inside the container has been put into production. Whether by the owner of boxing. Is responsible for packing the container freight stations, container packing list is a detailed record of each container the load, the only document the situation.

Therefore, in order to transport the container as a unit, this is a very important document, the primary role of the container packing list are:

(1) at the loading site as exports of goods to the customs declaration of alternative documents;
(2) as a delivery into the container freight station and container terminal yard transfer of goods between the single;
(3) as a notice to the carrier, the goods loaded in the container list,
(4) in the importing country, passing through the state as the documents for one of the bonded transport procedures;
(5) the documents recorded on the total weight of cargo and containers is to calculate the difference between the ship's draft, the basic stability data.

Therefore, the packing list the contents of records accurate or not, to ensure the safe transport of cargo containers has a close relationship.

3. Terminal receipts (receipt station, the Hong Kong station receipts)

Terminal receipt by the consignor or his agent generally has to develop according to the format (4) The case of machinery and equipment, normal or abnormal.

Into the terminal yard, the terminal yard staff to work with people with boxes, transport boxes on the receipt of equipment into a common audit includes:

(1) containers, machinery and equipment return date, time;
(2) containers, when returned to the apparent condition of mechanical equipment;
(3) containers, machinery and equipment were returned to the name and address;
(4) bulk cargo containers to pay the owner name and address;
(5) into the yard purposes;
(6) The name of the vessel intended to contain the ship, voyage, route, unloading boxes.

6. Import and export goods customs declaration

According to the characteristics of container transportation, there are many countries in the international revised its laws and regulations and customs procedures, to adapt it to a group of container transport, there are many common conclusion of the national transport of goods on the Customs Convention on Containers. In these rules and conventions, and the sea 'customs procedures are simplified to a minimum, the domestic container shipment of goods as long as the land in place of Customs examination and filling in the box on the Customs seals can be shipped to the importing countries has been the ultimate place of delivery, Customs inspection and clearance by the destination. In the transport process in the container by the State Customs to make a record only and does not check the actual situation of the goods inside the box.

China Customs import and export of container and the load, which states:

The import of container cargo shipped directly to the mainland with the location of the customs, freight forwarding from port to apply for transfer to the Customs (Turning Point) procedures, port customs declaration documents will be transmitted on the carrier with a cross inland customs, from the inland Customs checkpoints. Where the export of container cargo, if it is place in the Mainland Customs boxed set by the local shipper or freight forwarders to customs declaration, the customs declaration documents will be transmitted on the carrier is responsible to bring to supervision by the customs exit shipment.

Import and export goods customs declaration form of the main elements:

(1) the name and address of the consignor;
(2) the name and address of the consignee;
(3) place of delivery people, loading location;

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