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Container exports: a full set of documents cargo o

Operating a full set of shipping documents as follows -

First, the owner to provide the documents:

1, the export power of attorney

2, detailed list of export goods

3, the packing list (PACKINGLIST) / packing list (PACKINGLIST)

4, invoices (INVOICE) / invoice (INVOICE)

5, the export license

6, export verification orders, tax refund

7, the customs manual

Second, is responsible for forwarding the document:

1, the export of ten of the single:

First Union: container cargo consignment note (the owner remain at the end) (B / N)

The second one: container cargo consignment (shipping and remain at the end)

The third joint: Freight Notification (1)

The fourth joint: shipping notification (2)

Fifth Joint: Station Receipt (shipping order) (S / O)

A copy of the fifth joint: application to pay port charges and export goods

The sixth: Chief Union (station receipts copy)

Seventh joint: Station Receipt (D / R)

Eighth joint: freight forwarding remain at the end

Ninth Alliance: Back with a single tank (1)

X linked: with spaces to single (2)

2, the bill of lading (original / copy) (B / LORIGINAL / COPY) / Bill of Lading

① sub-bill of lading (HOUSEB / L)

② The total bill of lading (OCEANB / L)

3, sea waybill (SEAWAYBILL)

4, export goods declaration documents:

① necessary documents: declarations, customs agents Exchange verification forms power of attorney contract, packing list and invoice, copy of letter of credit

② Other documents: proof of export license free manual inspection certificate of origin, etc.

5, the list of goods declaration

6, Jincang notice

7, pre-assigned list of goods consolidation

8, packing list (CLP)

9, container distribution / EIR entry / exit (EIRIN / OUT)

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