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VMS —— Your 3PL Service Provider in China

Vision-To be the leading provider of quality, integrated transportation and logistics solutions, which exceed customers' expectations.


IT System-Modern information technology is changing our life and our traditional way to do business.VMS is apartner not only forward your cargo,but also forward your information.


Culture-Think ahead,move forward.We are facing an ever changing market with keen competition.With the view of maintaining our competitive position,we must think ahead of our competitors and move before our competitors.


Teamwork - Let common people obtain uncommon results. It collects individual achievements towards organizational objectives. An expert working team with motive staffs can change the world. This is what made VMS today


Overseas Development -We are located in China but operate worldwide. In order to provide integrated logistics services to customers,VMS is dedicated to the foundation of overseas systems.We welcome any leading logistics providers who focusing on China market to enter into an alliance with VMS


Reliable Service -is what we rendered to our customers and we know it well that sales people generates business and reliable service keeps customers coming back.To be your reliable partner in transportation industry and found an expert working team to make our partners competitive in their field is our Mission.


Your Satisfaction-is our Victory and your nod with our service is the best award for our efforts.We will always offer you our best One-stop service to meet your demands on B2B logistics.

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