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To provide a globally recognized,ethicallyled quality standard for the protection and movement of healthcare products around the world and to promote best practice and total quality amongst its associated partners.

Pharmafreight is a new concept in international pharmaceutical logitics working to Good Transportaion Practice(GTP).

Pharmafreight was born from an affiliation between global independent forwarding companies,each of whom specialise in worldwide logitics forthe finished product,API,biomedical,pharmaceutical machinery and clinical trial sectors of the pharmaceutical industry,VMS-Pharmafreight Division is an exclusive representitive for this network in China.

The global network is made up of a core group of freight companies,working to procedures based on GXP,namely our own network standard,Good Transportation Practice,Fully GTP trained Responsible Persons manage our pharma operations in each country and operational staff are GTP trained by Pharmafreight's unique mix of online training system and mandatory regional courses,The network is onstantly expanding into the more off-line destinations to ensure a truly global delivery service available to the marketplace-with each office offering the sames GTP standard of excellence in pharma logistics.



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